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Plasma Flare

Accelerated capture (90 minutes, extreme ultraviolet light) of a M3.6 class plasma flare over the Sun’s surface. Credits: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory.

A coronal mass ejection (or plasma flare) happens when two oppositely aligned magnetic fields align and the stored magnetic energy is propelled out of the opposite side shooting protons and electrons into space at a speeds up to one-third the speed of light. A note on the dimension of this singular beauty: the Sun has a diameter of 1.392.000 Km hence this flare could be 30-150.000 Km wide! Also note the way the plasma comes back, attracted by the immense gravitational force – Sun’s mass is 333.000 times bigger than the one of planet Earth. Two years ago I tried to simulate the magnetic behaviour of these flares in this Processing sketch. Stimulated by this capture I feel I wish to work on a new, huge, smooth Particle Plasma Flare.