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Quite, but not inactive

The Hagstrom UltraSwede electric guitar.

Been a while since my last study on L-systems (for graphics) and/or some kind of jQuery component, but I feel this is a time for a change; first of all I got a new (another) hobby: electric guitars… wait, I am learning the ‘basic stuff’ (C major scale, pentatonic scales, strum patterns, blues riffs and some Pink Folyd ‘classics’) with a guitar borrowed by a friend of mine, along with its 50W Roland aplifier and a boss DIST effect; I think I’ll get a Hagstrom UltraSwede (the guitar in the picture) wich has a rich/full clean/acoustic sound at a competitive price. The other part of the change is that the server-side (Java, not the dark side) is attracting me because the more i get my hands on the language APIs, libs, patterns and best practices behind a Java Web App (a J2EE app), the more i get hoocked.
More to come. Don’t know why, I am writing in a language wich is not italian.

Faber est suae quisque fortunae.