my Flickr PhotoSphere

Applet and source code: Type a search term and press ENTER; UP/DOWN keys toggles images/descriptions. made with Processing.

This thread has lit the spark! Using the code provided by Gustav Bjordal in his PhotoWall sketch, I developed a very quick prototype wich a) connects to the Flickr API service and performs a query with a user-defined keyword, b) parses (with the proXML lib, tho I could have used the default processing xml parsing cababilities) the response, c) creates a matching number of texturized boxes, d) draws a sphere made of randomly sized boxes properly rotated along the surface. It is a signed Applet (Applets are normally executed in a sandbox that prevents them from accessing the local hard disk/network) so you’ll have to grant all the alerts that may pops up at first run.

Not the smartest way to query Flickr, but it’s been cool to code.
Applet and source here.
Merry Christmas, everyone!